Removing parts from a special automobile and reassembling it is much more than just an exercise with socket wrenches and screwdrivers. These two vital phases in the restoration process play an incredibly important part of every successful project.


As your car is prepared for disassembly, no detail is overlooked. Your vehicle will be taken apart and reassembled in the same spot to ensure continuity during the process.

Our highly experienced technicians will carefully remove each component from the car, one at a time. As each piece is removed, it is very carefully evaluated for structural integrity and overall condition. Notes are taken regarding any work that will be needed.

We utilize a highly organized system of marked bags, boxes and other containers to safely store all parts during the disassembly phase. Your car’s components stay with the vehicle until the restoration process begins.  At Custom Cars Unlimited, you will have the peace of mind to know that every part of your beloved automobile is safe guarded during the disassembly operation.


The assembly process is a time  when the efforts of the entire restoration team really come to life. During assembly, extreme care is taken to ensure that the car’s paint, glasswork, trim and other components are put back together perfectly, with absolutely no damage. All parts are carefully placed back on the car with original style bolts, screws, fasteners or those of the customer’s choosing.

The car’s engine, drivetrain and suspension are gently put back in place at this time as well. During the assembly process, crucial decisions will be made about the vehicle’s “fit”, as it relates to how closely parts will physically go back together. Some customers prefer that their car’s fit match exactly the way it came out of the factory. Others will want something different, more in line with their restoration objectives.

Whatever the car owner’s plan is for the vehicle, we can make it happen.  After reassembly, a comprehensive quality check is done to ensure that the process has met all of the goals of the restoration plan.

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